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"With the attrition of jazz nightclubs in the Philadelphia area, the small, intimate salon-like setting is beginning to fill some of the gap. Jamey's House of Music (formerly known as the Psalm Salon) in the Wynnefield section of the city is an almost-too-good-to-be-true example. The host, Jamey Reilly, converted the main living room of his home into a listening space and recording studio with fine stage lighting and state-of-the-art audio/video. Adjacent is an informal service area, where you can purchase a Cantonese dinner box and non- alcoholic beverages at low cost. It gives the feeling of a club without the distracting noise and fuss. The atmosphere is family friendly, and the listening conditions are ideal."
- Victor L.Schermer, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"One of Philadelphia's most welcoming and intimate venues in a gorgeous old house in Overbrook Farms.
Going to PSALM has all the virtues of a house concert with a sound system worthy of a club, inspired booking, and plenty of street parking!" "One of my favorite venues!"
– Michaela Majoun, WXPN Morning Show Host

"The PSALM is a dream performance space. Perfect acoustics, top quality production values, a visually lovely setting, and an overall aesthetic ambience that, like a tea ceremony, lifts every gesture to it's highest level. It's perfection, both for the audience and the performers."
– Pete Kennedy, The Kennedys

As a large ensemble, this is the most amazing venue to play. It is intimate and warm while being unbelievably technically advanced. The sound on stage, in the house and on the flawless webcast was so detailed, rich and subtle that I heard the band in ways I have never have them before. It elevated us all. As a listener, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this gem of a venue. As an artist, consider yourself lucky if you get the call to play here...
- Mark Steven Miller, Spuyten Duyvil

"...the PSALM, where artists conduct and discuss their work in a seemingly nondenominational spiritual space.
The twinkle of burning candles in Depression glass, the scent of sandalwood: It's all here."
– A. D. Amorosi, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Congrats on a beautiful, intimate, warm and sweet space for music to emerge, inspire and uplift. Great sound system and first rate performers. I loved the spirit. Just wonderful."
– Andrea Clearfield, Composer and Pianist; Andrea's Music Salon

"I was first struck by the beautiful space, then by your warmth and generous hospitality and sweet family,
then last but not least, the gorgeous, delicious sound! Thank you for all these gifts you give to bands and audiences weekly!"
– Glen Roethel, Gathering Time

"At the end of our Northeast Tour, we played at... Philadelphia’s PSALM Salon, which is run by a wise world-wanderer and truly joyful being. We treasured our time at... PSALM"
– Wolff Bowden, The Orphan Trains / Artist / Poet

"Thank you for an amazing evening last night.  How inspiring!!  Such a rich tapestry of music, love, sensitivity, joy, community and that indescribable thing that happens when these elements occur together. And you make it all quite effortless by creating just the right ambience. Your amazing skill at music engineering takes the music to another level.  It is wonderful to see all of your years in designing audio gear morph into your spiritual path and result in all this."
– Michael London, PhD, Singer/Songwriter

" Everyone in Dzieci has been glowing from our welcoming encounter with you. It is rare for us to find a place we unanimously and enthusiastically agree to return to. The warmth and care you and your family bestowed, supported us to reach new heights with both Makbet and Fools Mass. We return to NY with that miraculous feeling one has after a week-long retreat. Thank you so much, we look forward to further meetings on the path"
– Matt Mitler, Company Director, Theatre Group Dzieci

"Thanks Jamey and thanks for your amazing venue and exceptional attention to details. You are really doing something right which should bring you greater and greater success. All the best of luck to you and PSALM Salon."
– Dale Melton, The Melton Brothers Band

"Psalm Salon is the BEST LISTENING room in the tri state area!!!"
– Terri Thimm, A fan

"Every musician knows about PSALM and is dying to play here, it has the best reputation."
"I love playing the PSALM; there is such light and positive energy there. I always walk away with clarity of some sort, which is of major importance to me. "
–Lili Anel, Singer/Songwriter

"Playing here was one of the best shows of my life, I opened up in a way that I have never done before!"
– Julia Othmer, Singer/Songwriter

"The Psalm is a dream of a place and it was a real pleasure for all of us to be there."
– Rupert Wates

"Love the magic that happens in that room, with your brilliant ears on the mixing board!"
– Christie Lenee

"I love the PSALM Salon!!"
– Linda Lewis, Creative Entertainment

"Best. Venue. Ever."
– Meredith Kleiber, photographer

"JAMEY! You are a dear soul and a fabulous sound tech. I felt completly honored to play at Psalm It was a magical night for me. Thanks again for your willingness to record the song. We will meet again! THANK YOU!"
– Joe Crookston, Singer/Songwriter

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy performing at The PSALM Salon! Love it! And you and Suyun make everyone feel so comfortable And relaxed, and you have one of the best venues in the area, With one of the best sound systems that You run! Thank you again. PS- the announcer was wonderful on the ustream intro! Did he write That himself? .... And yay!! We're getting more views of the ustream perf!"
– Carla Jenkins, Singer

"Thanks so much for opening your hearts and home to us. Psalm Salon was a wonderful and unique experience for us, and having Gene Shay there made it all that much more special. ... Keep up the great work, and thanks again for your support."
– Aztec Two-Step

"Thanks for having us! Psalm was hands down the best venue we ever played!"
– Laura Cheadle

"Where are we! I love it here! This is the kind of gig you dream up on long flights!"
- Meg hutchinson, singer-songwriter

"The PSALM Salon is without a doubt the most comfortable place to hear great music... so intimate and friendly... the amazing sound, the delicious food, and me of course."
- Gene Shay, WXPN Folk Show Host and founder of the Philadelphia Folk Festival

"The PSALM Salon is our favorite venue in Philadelphia by like a million miles! We want to come back for two nights soon..."
- Dala

- Catie Curtis

"if you are not hip to The Psalm Salon, get so...great venue, great soundsystem, instrument amplification..easy parking...www.psalmsalon.com..check it out...go head widyabadself Jamey Reiley"
- Bert Harris

"I've been doing nothing but marveling about our experience at The Psalm Salon. You have built a wonderful thing , not just a building by the way. It was a distinct pleasure meeting you and having opportunity to play at the Psalm, we had an amazing time..thanks!"
- Bob Stirner, Boris Garcia

"The sound is absolutely perfect. I could hear every note of every instrument. Just incredible."
- Cheryl Prashker, President - NERFA

"On behalf of The New Johnny's Dance Band, thank you for a great evening. You & your company, helped assure that our first real gig was a smash. We appreciate being treated in a warm, friendly, helpful and professional manner. It's such a breath of fresh air. Technically, what can we say? Judging from the streaming, the audience was treated to delight for their senses. Your great sound, lighting and staging - not to mention the great vibes of your place - put us almost in an alpha state. We were therefore able to give the people our best. Thanks to you. Our guests really enjoyed being there and hanging out for the evening."
- Tony Juliano, New Johnny's Dance Band

"Just a note to say "thanks!" again for a wonderful evening. It was an honor to play your room and have you at the board. I sounded amazing, even to me and I, like you, have particular tastes in audio possibilities. Well done my friend and thanks so much for the gracious hospitality and wonderful closing remark about us being "nice people".  It takes one to know one, old friend. God bless and I wish you much continued success..."
(On his second time here:) "I tell everyone about Jamey and Jamey's House of Music. Everyone in Nashville knows about this place. I play some of the best rooms in the world, like the Bluebird, Douglas Corner, Third and Lindsley, places with great sound systems, and nothing beats the sound in this room. ...This is my favorite place to play in the whole world."

- Jim Femino ( AKA Uncle Sexy)

"We've played every kind of venue imaginable on several world tours, and I have to tell you that this is probably the best venue we have ever played. It's simply brilliant. Thank you for everything done to perfection."
- George Owens, The Lightyears


Here's a great video review of the PSALM Salon by Ahlora Thomas-Lyons and Tim Hindin of the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab at Temple University. Read the accompanying article.

Watch a sample YouTube Artist Interview below, or visit our channel at www.youtube.com/user/thePSALMsalon for more interviews

Read the 09/16/09 City Paper Cover Story and Jamey Reilly Interview by music critic A.D. Amorosi, and a great 11/24/09 review - "Outta Leftfield" by Mike Morsch, executive editor of the Montgomery Newspapers. Mike came back for Dan May's 52nd birthday performance and wrote this "Outta Leftfield" piece on 12/6/10. The PSALM Salon also got a chapter along with Dan May in Mike Morsch's autobiographical book "Dancing In My Underwear ." View the video interview of master frame drummer, Glen Velez, by Lori Cotler at the PSALM Salon on 11/14/09. Read the 8/29/10 Origivation Blog review by Brenda Hillegas.

A really nice review on PhillyBurbs.com by a young fan after the Brit group the Lightyears performance:

"On Aug. 13, I read the column "Not that you asked" written by my editor, Andy Vineberg. It was about a British band called The Lightyears that was coming to the United States for a series of concerts.

He interviewed The Lightyears by phone, and as I read the article, I became more interested in the band. So last Friday, my family, my boyfriend and I drove to Philadelphia to Jamey's House of Music to see The Lightyears in concert.

It was an amazing venue. There were only 60 seats available, and it was in Jamey Reilly's house. His wife cooked fresh Chinese food, which was delicious. The building had fantastic acoustics. It was an experience just to be in such a unique place listening to great music.

The Lightyears played music from its "London, England" album. The pianist, Chris, also read excerpts from his book "Mockstars," which he recently completed.

The band was very charismatic and funny and made the crowd feel a part of the show. It was very different from seeing a band that I already knew in a huge stadium. I liked the more-intimate show better because I was up close to the band and I felt a connection with the rest of the audience.

The three-part harmonies and bass you could feel in your heart made for an amazing show. The pop-rock mix included relaxed songs such as "Run" and upbeat songs to dance to like "Emily."

They spoke about America, and the differences between sandwiches in the United Sates and Britain and the way people speak English. Everyone in my family — from my 10-year-old brother and sister to my 13-year-old brother to my parents to my boyfriend to me — loved the show.

The Lightyears talked to fans after the show and answered questions about their music and history together. They have five CDs out and played two other concerts in the area. I loved all the music and would recommend it to anyone who wanted a new, exciting band to listen to.

Thank you, Andy, for writing about The Lightyears and introducing my family and me to such a great band.

I didn't ask, but I'm glad you told me!"

- Elizabeth Yardley, Pennridge High School

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